No I Am Not After Your Husband!

Yes I am single, no I am not after your husband/boyfriend. Technically, my marital status is divorced. Why is it that being divorced means I am the first to be accused of having an affair with someone’s boyfriend or husband? Does being divorced make people think I am desperate or pathetic?

Cue the chirping crickets. Silence. No Apology. Why is it when you are accused of having an affair with a friend’s husband/boyfriend and found to not be the participating party, there is no apology.

Sometimes I think that having been in a bad marriage I have developed a sixth sense about relationships (except my own). It does not take a sixth sense to know that there are two kinds of relationships, those with a solid foundation of trust and all the others. The above example falls in to the category of all the others. I see couples that do not have any trust and I wonder why they are still in a relationship. The relationship is toxic. The anger is apparent. It just doesn’t make sense, is not logical to continue. Get help or get out.

As for me, I am in no rush to change my marital status. I have three short years before my daughter heads to college. I have decided that my time is best spent with her.


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