May The Fourth Be With You

I knew yesterday on Facebook and Twitter I would see that at least once. I didn’t really though.  The person who is the biggest Star Wars fan I know, we aren’t friends any more.  That makes me sad, even though it is for the best.  I have a bumper sticker on my car of a girl with an At-At on a leash.

What I didn’t expect was that I would get a picture from my bestie of a Star Wars fishing pole with the message.  Even though I have known her close to 40 years, I guess I don’t know her that well as Star Wars has never been a topic of conversation.

What I didn’t expect is that I would say it to my daughter on our way home from buying her some sandals.  She asked me to repeat myself, I did and I got the “That is not funny Mom, it is stupid.”

I dated a boy once back in 1996/1997 ( we met in the Boston Chat Room of AOL). We dated for less than a year and went on a vacation to Disney. My nephew who was 3 at the time still remembers him.  When the Star Wars: A New Hope (the enhanced release) came out in 1997, we saw it.  He said Star Wars was stupid.  We never made it to May The Fourth.  Yup, I broke up with a boy because he didn’t like Star Wars.  This boy is referred to sometimes as John #1 or the Boy I Broke Up With Because He Didn’t Like Star Wars.


No I Am Not After Your Husband!

Yes I am single, no I am not after your husband/boyfriend. Technically, my marital status is divorced. Why is it that being divorced means I am the first to be accused of having an affair with someone’s boyfriend or husband? Does being divorced make people think I am desperate or pathetic?

Cue the chirping crickets. Silence. No Apology. Why is it when you are accused of having an affair with a friend’s husband/boyfriend and found to not be the participating party, there is no apology.

Sometimes I think that having been in a bad marriage I have developed a sixth sense about relationships (except my own). It does not take a sixth sense to know that there are two kinds of relationships, those with a solid foundation of trust and all the others. The above example falls in to the category of all the others. I see couples that do not have any trust and I wonder why they are still in a relationship. The relationship is toxic. The anger is apparent. It just doesn’t make sense, is not logical to continue. Get help or get out.

As for me, I am in no rush to change my marital status. I have three short years before my daughter heads to college. I have decided that my time is best spent with her.