No I Am Not After Your Husband!

Yes I am single, no I am not after your husband/boyfriend. Technically, my marital status is divorced. Why is it that being divorced means I am the first to be accused of having an affair with someone’s boyfriend or husband? Does being divorced make people think I am desperate or pathetic?

Cue the chirping crickets. Silence. No Apology. Why is it when you are accused of having an affair with a friend’s husband/boyfriend and found to not be the participating party, there is no apology.

Sometimes I think that having been in a bad marriage I have developed a sixth sense about relationships (except my own). It does not take a sixth sense to know that there are two kinds of relationships, those with a solid foundation of trust and all the others. The above example falls in to the category of all the others. I see couples that do not have any trust and I wonder why they are still in a relationship. The relationship is toxic. The anger is apparent. It just doesn’t make sense, is not logical to continue. Get help or get out.

As for me, I am in no rush to change my marital status. I have three short years before my daughter heads to college. I have decided that my time is best spent with her.


Boston Strong – Patriot’s Day 238 Years Later

Sometimes the weeks begin to blend.  I remember not days in the spring or spring turning to summer, but softball practices and games.  This year April Vacation will not blend. It was the week that we triumphed over terrorism in my city.   Patriot’s Day is the day that the Revolutionary War began with the Battle of Lexington and Concord, April 19, 1775.  April 19, 2013 is the day we took back Boston from the terrorists, these men who are both foreign and domestic.  We stood up once again, 238 years later we became Patriots once again. Boston Strong!

I don’t think there is a law enforcement officer who does not feel loved and appreciated this morning.  They were cheered throughout last night.  They protected us when we were in need.  We see how hard they worked to the end.  I wonder about my own father’s thoughts on all of this, having been a policeman for 30 years.

This morning there is what I feel is a cleansing rain.  Cleansing away both the physical and emotional for the people.  It is much needed.  The rain is washing away the blood, blasts and bullets.

My generation grew up with the end of the Cold War.  We feared the Soviet Union and Communism.  We thought that there would be a World War III, complete with nuclear war.  Thus, the happenings with North Korea did not worry me.  It was a part of what we always worried about.  And yes, the song 99 Red Balloons does echo in my head.  My daughter did not grow up with this though, so she worried about North Korea.

My daughter’s generation has grown up with terrorism in our own country.  She was born after the Oklahoma bombing, before September 11, 2001.  How did this week faze her?  Was she scared?  I know I was worried and I realized that this is going to be the norm for her.   We must deal now with terrorism in the streets, in our own country.

This week I got to experience firsthand how incredible Twitter can be.  The live reports coming in as events unfolded. Seconds, not minutes or hours later.  @WCVB and a couple of other sources gave me the information.  I am lucky because I don’t really have any friends to follow on Twitter or who are following me.  My information was straight from news sources.  My daughter on the other hand was getting bad information from resources she said were pretty good.  I don’t think she understands that the majority of those that she follows are jackasses.  She claimed that her friend had photos of the bombers on Tuesday night, a good source she said.  A learning lesson for her.  I hope she doesn’t retweet the bad information.  You can find me on Twitter @NotFunnyMom.

I sit here thinking about going back on Facebook.  That is another story for another day.